The main purpose of the Organization is to promote the globalization of education and science, human intellectual development, the development of academic mobility, the development of international educational and scientific cooperation, the satisfaction of the educational and scientific interests of its members.


The main activities of the Organization are:

Promoting human intellectual development.

Promoting the development and internationalization of education and science, international cooperation in the field of education and science.

Promoting the integration of educators and educational institutions into the global educational space through the initiation and holding of various, including international, educational and scientific events (conferences, congresses, exhibitions, seminars, etc.).

Promoting academic mobility, participation of Ukrainian teachers and students in foreign conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars, trainings, internships in different countries of the world.

Promoting education and science, international educational and scientific cooperation.

Promoting the realization of opportunities and education in different countries of the world.

Promoting the intellectual self-realization of the members of the Organization.

Initiation and participation in the organization of various scientific and educational trips.

Collaboration with Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions, scientific institutions, other companies, organizations and institutions in order to achieve the Organization's purpose.

Organization and holding of various forums, congresses, conferences, lectures, seminars, trainings, festivals, clubs, exhibitions, competitions, olympiads, round tables, dissemination of information materials on activities and activities of the Organization.